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Welcome TO RCIAA!

Welcome to the newly launched Rust College International Alumni Association’s official website. We are excited to be able to connect and engage alumni from around the nation and abroad as we transition into a new era for Rust College. This site is designed to help cultivate alumni relationships, provide access to online services, and serve as a platform to communicate with alumni, parents, family, and friends of Rust College regarding upcoming events, activities, fundraising efforts, and local club information.

The Rust College International Alumni Association (RCIAA) is governed by the Bylaws which were developed in 1971. Former International Alumni President William (Bill) D. Scott, III spearheaded this effort. To receive a copy of the bylaws, please contact JoAnn Scott in the Alumni Affairs Development office at 662.252.8000 x 4023 or email [email protected] You may also request a copy of the bylaws from International Alumni President, Barbara Belfoure Redditt at 678.472.3248 or email [email protected]

The executive board consists of the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Chaplain and Parlimentarian. Election of executive officers are held every two years.

RCIAA Executive Officers

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Former Alumni Presidents

  • Mr. Jasper “J. D.” Williams*
  • Dr. Merlin D. Conoway
  • Dr. Leslie Burl McLemore
  • Mr. William D. Scott, III
  • Mr. James Bell
  • Mr. Alonzo “A. J.” Nero*
  • Dr. Leroy Frazier
  • Mrs. Pearlene Carter
  • Mr. Charles Hill
  • Mrs. Oreler D. B. Murry
  • Rev. Frederick H. Brown
  • Mr. Larry Anderson
The list is not all inclusive and begins in the 1960s