Dr. Juno Jacobs

Vice President 

  Class of 1986 

  Business Education, B.S. 

Further Education: 

Ph.D. in Higher Education, Jackson State University, 2013 

Master’s Degree in Business Education, Jackson State University,1988 

Rust Alumni Club Involvement: 

Life Member, Member of Jackson-Hinds Club, President, New and Transfer New 

Scholarship Chairman, Eat, Meet, and Greet Membership Mixer Co-Chairman, and A’Cappella Choir Concert/Little Prince and Little Princess Bearcat Reveal Co-Chairman 


 Jackson State University, Jackson, MS 


Complete 2 Compete-C2C Coach/Advisor/Enrollment Management 

How do you plan to use your new RCIAA position to take Rust to the next level? 

I plan to take Rust College to the next level in my new RCIAA position by being committed to enriching, sustaining and motivating alums to give back to Rust College on an annual basis.  Because of my natural propensity for helping others, I will continue to give my talents and treasures to my dear Rust College. 

What are your fondest memories during your matriculation at Rust College? 

My fondest memories during my matriculation at Rust College was being allowed to create long-term friendships with a group of distinguished leaders.   I enjoyed representing Rust as Miss UNCF and Miss Senior.  My four years (1982-1986) were full of life lessons, social interaction, and love for my dear Rust College.