Types of Membership

Regular International Alumni Membership

Dues: 25 dollars

Membership Privilege Includes:
  • Eligible to vote in National elections
  • Eligible to join a local club - Alumni are not financial in local clubs until international alumni dues are paid. Please follow local club guidelines.
  • Alumni membership card
  • Eligible to run for International Alumni offices. Alumni member must remain a paid financial member throughout the duration of the term of office
  • Receive International Alumni Association official communication (i.e. newsletter)

Lifetime Membership Dues

Dues: 1000 dollars

Membership Privilege Includes:
  • All Regular Membership Privileges
  • Free admission to all paid events at Rust College
  • International club dues (members are only responsible for local club dues)
  • Lifetime membership card
  • Alumni Lifetime membership shirt

2020-2021 Alumni Clubs & Presidents

Club Name President/Interim President Email Address
Atlanta Rust Alumni Club Donna Beard [email protected]
Chicago Rust Alumni Club Keithney Glass [email protected]
Columbus Georgia Rust Alumni Club Jerry Jones [email protected]
Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Rust Alumni Club Lisa Esters Burton [email protected]
Delta Rust/MI Alumni Club W.J. Jones [email protected]
The DMV Rust Alumni Club President Dolores DA Stubs [email protected]
Desoto-Metro Alumni Club Paticia Brady [email protected]
Golden Triangle Rust Alumni Club Tavetia Hughes [email protected]
Greenwood Rust College Alumni Chapter Christopher Carpenter [email protected]
Gulf Coast Rust/MI College Alumni Club Dorothy Booker [email protected]
Holly Springs-Marshall-Benton County Rust/MI Alumni Club Mary Kincaide- Bibbs [email protected]
Jackson-Hinds Rust Alumni Club Dr. Juno Leggette Jacobs [email protected]
Kentucky Rust Alumni Club Brenda Tucker [email protected]
Holmes County Rust Alumni Club Zelphia Montgomery [email protected]
Los Angeles Rust Alumni Club LeAnne Moore [email protected]
Memphis Rust/MI Alumni Club James Robinson [email protected]
Milwaukee Rust Alumni Club Debbie Ivy [email protected]
NC (North Carolina) Rust Alumni Club Tonya Whitmore [email protected]
Oxford/Lafayette County Rust College Alumni Club Jennifer Bobo Milliner [email protected]
Panola County Rust Alumni Club Percy Bruce [email protected]
Springfield Rust/MI Alumni Club Iola Bright-Jackson [email protected]
Starkville Rust Alumni Club Herman Bush m[email protected]
Tate County Rust College Alumni Club Bettie Ball [email protected] 
Tupelo Rust College Alumni Club Clarence Smith [email protected]