Types of Membership

Regular International Alumni Membership

Dues: 25 dollars

Membership Privilege Includes:
  • Eligible to vote in National elections
  • Eligible to join a local club - Alumni are not financial in local clubs until international alumni dues are paid. Please follow local club guidelines.
  • Alumni membership card
  • Eligible to run for International Alumni offices. Alumni member must remain a paid financial member throughout the duration of the term of office
  • Receive International Alumni Association official communication (i.e. newsletter)

Lifetime Membership Dues

Dues: 1000 dollars

Membership Privilege Includes:
  • All Regular Membership Privileges
  • Free admission to all paid events at Rust College
  • International club dues (members are only responsible for local club dues)
  • Lifetime membership card
  • Alumni Lifetime membership shirt

2020-2021 Alumni Clubs & Presidents

Club Name President/Interim President Email Address
Atlanta Rust Alumni Club Donna Beard
Chicago Rust Alumni Club Keithney Glass
Columbus Georgia Rust Alumni Club Jerry Jones
Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Rust Alumni Club Lisa Esters Burton
Delta Rust/MI Alumni Club W.J. Jones
Desoto-Metro Alumni Club Paticia Brady
Golden Triangle Rust Alumni Club Tavetia Hughes
Greenwood Rust College Alumni Chapter Christopher Carpenter
Gulf Coast Rust/MI College Alumni Club Dorothy Booker
Holly Springs-Marshall-Benton County Rust/MI Alumni Club Mary Kincaide- Bibbs
Holmes County Rust Club Zelphia Montgomery
Jackson-Hinds Rust Alumni Club Dr. Juno Leggette Jacobs
Kentucky Rust Alumni Club Michael Armstead
Los Angeles Rust Alumni Club LeAnne Moore
Memphis Rust/MI Alumni Club James Robinson
Milwaukee Rust Alumni Club Debbie Ivy
NC (North Carolina) Rust Alumni Club Tonya Whitmore
Oxford/Lafayette County Rust College Alumni Club Jennifer Bobo Milliner
Panola County Rust Alumni Club Yolanda S. Wright
Springfield Rust/MI Alumni Club Iola Bright-Jackson
Starkville Rust Alumni Club Herman Bush
Tate County Rust College Alumni Club Bettie Ball 
Tupelo Rust College Alumni Club Clarence Smith