President’s Corner

Greetings Rust College Alumni,

A famous quote says, “If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When?” Alumni it’s OUR time and the time is NOW that the students and Rust College need our full support.

It is with great honor that I serve as your next RCIAA President of more than 50,000 alumni that span across the United States and abroad. As we face critical times with a nationwide health pandemic, coupled with an economic crisis, we are called to a higher level of demand to help our college and the students it serve. I am passionate about moving forward and making changes for the overall betterment of the Association’s structure, students and the alumni. With that in mind, I would like to share my administration’s vision and goals for the upcoming term.

During my tenure, we will work vigorously to develop, update and revise internal policies and procedures, including the bylaws, to ensure that the Association has a strong foundation which is critical to its future growth and development. To achieve this initiative, we will increase alumni engagement by openly seeking alumni participation to serve on committees and task forces. We will focus on increasing alumni membership (Regular and Lifetime) and local club involvement. To achieve this initiative, we will host a membership drive seeking all alumni, former students, parents, family and friends of Rust College to join the alumni association. As individuals become active members of the alumni association, contact information will be transferred for membership in the local club. We will devote efforts to attracting recent graduates by waiving first year dues and inviting them to join local clubs. Accordingly, we will adopt the Theme:  Parents and Alumni working for our Students.(P.A.W.S.); with a simple Slogan that says, “PAWS Up, Bearcats; PAWS Up.”

In order to provide an appropriate level of financial support to our school and students’ during these critical times, we will increase alumni giving. We will create a “Special Alumni Fund” and host annual fundraising campaigns. This will allow immediate access to funds that will be used toward financial needs at Rust College and to the students. It is through this effort that we will be able to provide much needed tuition assistance, book funds, emergency dollars, or monies for campus improvements or special projects.

We will help increase student enrollment by working directly with the Office of Enrollment Services to recruit students within our local clubs’ service areas. To achieve this initiative, we provide training to alumni recruiters on how to effectively promote Rust College and recruit not only the best and brightest students; but, any student desiring a quality education.

We will invest time and resources in several additional initiatives including:

  • Adopt-a-Student program whereby alumni can serve as mentors to students which will aid in the retention level at Rust.
  • Career Placement development whereas a network of alumni employers will be created for student internships and career placement
  • World Renowned A’capella Choir where financial donations will be made to support choir scholarships.

As we will be vigilant in our efforts, we will commit to be transparent. To achieve this goal, an alumni newsletter will be published bi-annually, an official (college approved) RCIAA facebook page and website will be created, and other forms of social media will be considered. Finally, we are committed to building the RCIAA brand that will be used for all official communications. With college approval, we will design an official international alumni association Seal and logo.

Collectively we can achieve these initiatives that will ultimately build a stronger international alumni association, strengthen our local clubs by creating consistency, develop an alumni presence on the campus, and improve the overall brand that will aid in the recruitment and retention of students. Alumni, the time is NOW, for us to help change the lives of others; we need your gifts and talents to help build a strong alumni association that we all can be proud of for years to come.

I look forward to working with each alum individually and collectively through committee involvement or on the local club level.

PAWS Up! Bearcats,

Barbara Belfoure, ‘88

President, RCIAA